Bespoke: Linchpin

Let me be your sparring partner.

Sometimes you just need someone to keep you accountable and bounce off ideas with.

  • You’ve just finished one of my workshops or bespoke support programs and you’re a concerned that your wins are still a little too fragile for you to maintain them as you learn to fly on your own?
  • You need regular access to a fresh, original and honest perspective that your environment doesn’t provide you with to face and solve a personal or professional challenge?

This is exactly what I have created these LINCHPIN offers for.

LINCHPIN provides you with the structure and accountability to support you during those times when you just need this extra boost.

Depending on your situation you can pick the option that is the most appropriate for your needs:

How this works

It could not be easier!

  1. Make your investment towards your preferred package.
  2. You will be redirected to the instructions to access and schedule your calls.
  3. Call me at the appointed time and be ready for clarity, fresh insights, RAW truth, and some original strategies to deal with your personal situation.

I work with clients worldwide. Calls usually takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you have questions feel free to use this form.

"You have this beautiful positive outsider perspective while having only the best in mind. Every time after a session with you I feel completely uplifted and like anything is possible. Our talks are like a mix of best-friend-talk and some serious psychological work. But I do prefer working with you because your approach is so practical and spot on.”

Select your option below:

Office Hours

3 months of support

1 Office Hours access/mth



3 months of support

1/2 hr private call/mth



3 months of support

2 x 1/2 hr private call/mth


Packages subject to availability. By booking one of these packages you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions and privacy policy. As detailed in these policies, you may retract your purchase within 14 days and you may request access to your data.

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