Bespoke offers

What would you like to do...

These exclusive 1-on-1 coaching offers will help you regain balance and recreate a more joyful and meaningful life in an extremely leveraged fashion.

You can learn more about my method here.

Regain clarity!

1 day to get unstuck

Sometimes all it takes to turn your life around is fresh perspective and a new set of tools.

This intensive VIP day will support you in creating a quick and amazing turnaround.
You will leave this day refreshed with  a tailored plan to re-align your life towards your bliss.

Take a strategic break!

3 days to regroup and plan your comeback

There are times when life becomes too much and you need to step away to regain your footing.
This 3-day coaching intensive is a private retreat where I will provide you with all the support you need to make a deep-dive, reconnect with your soul, find peace, clarity and energy, and return with a customized strategy to turn your setbacks into a comeback.
You will leave this 3-day intensive completely transformed with a new sense of purpose and direction and most of all a solid strategy to turn your life around easily.
This bespoke offer is tailored to your needs and can be made available online or in-person at a few select locations upon request.

Find love!

1 day to Ignite your love life

Many successful women struggle when it comes to finding love.

This exclusive day of intimate coaching set against the backdrop of an exquisite parisian location will help you reconnect with love and initiate the process of manifesting the relationship of your dreams.

This offer may also be made available online upon request.

looking for a Workshop instead?

Find a virtual workshop!

Looking for a more cost-effective, self-paced solution? These virtual workshops are for you.
"I would most definitely recommend you to anyone who needs to negotiate a transition period in their life. They will be challenged in their convictions, and compelled to re-evaluate their views on themselves and the world. But they will achieve amazing results!”