Get ready for Soulful Success!

Success was meant to be sweet.
Unfortunately, it didn't turn out this way...

While your life has all the external attributes of success, you feel lost and empty inside.

You need a solution… fast!

One thing life has told you is that your time is irreplaceable. You’ve learned the art of leveraging your assets to minimize your struggles and maximize your time.

Here at Soulful Success, you will find bespoke solutions to help you rebuild a more joyful, meaningful and purposeful life in the most effective fashion possible.

Bonjour, I am Dominique!

With Soulful Success, I support high-achieving ladies (and sometimes brave gentlemen) with bespoke solutions to design and manifest soul-centered, purposeful, impactful lives that feel as good as they look.
Being a bit of a misfit, I’ve reinvented myself quite a few times in attempt to finally find my sweet spot.
I get what it takes to create a life that fuels your soul.
My secret weapon is a proprietary method that I have developped through close to 25 years of experimenting. It helps you reconnect with your soul, leverage your mindsets to get on back on track fast and manifest a juicy life.
If you’re tired of feeling unfulfilled and frustrated, if you’re done ignoring your soul’s calling, if you’re committed to doing what it takes to reclaim your bliss and live your higher purpose, then I can help you create magic.
If you want to learn more about me, my online home is STRETCH+BLOOM
There you will find plenty of tips, tools and articles to inspire you.

Wondering if this is for you?

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Soulful Success is a bespoke coaching solution for women (and a few daring men!) who understand that the shortcut to the meaningful life they crave is a solid investment through commitment and financial resources.

identify your next best steps

regain clarity

get a fresh sense of direction


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"Dominique's ability to clarify, quickly prioritize, her eye for detail, and her integrity have been invaluable to me on my path!”
Yoga studio owner