You’re a powerhouse who prides herself on being able to handle it all. You’re strong, driven, capable, honest, reliable, hard-working.

You are a go-getter and in a way it has paid off: you’re successful. At least that’s what it looks like to the outside world…

Inside it’s another story….






unhappy woman

You could be feeling a bit frustrated, lost, seriously worn-out, confused, or even completely stuck and at the end of your rope.

In any case, you’re not happy with the way things are going in your life right now.

And in your heart of heart, you know that if something doesn’t change drastically now you’re headed for a wall.


You need a massive breakthrough!






question markYou’ve done everything that was supposed to be right but your life feels completely off. And you have no idea how to turn things around!

You need new goals aligned with your true purpose. At this point though, you’re not even sure about what your soul purpose is. Come to think of it, you were so busy fitting in and climbling the ladder that you’ve probably never given it too much thought.

At this point you no longer trust yourself to make the right choices. What’s the point in trying if you’re going to end up stuck again.


no timeYou can see that you need to do some-intense soul-searching to reconnect with yourself. You probably also need a new, more personal approach to success.

Obviously, you don’t have luxury to navel-gaze for years while you figure things out. You need a way to get your life back on track quickly, in a sustainable fashion and without adding any more stress and clutter to your already stressful and busy schedule!



Puzzle piece
What you need now is a complete new approach to building your life… and quite a bit of magic dust to put you on the fast track to a life you enjoy!

On other words, you need serious boost so you can stop surviving – no matter how glamourous your brand of surviving is – and start thriving!






life designer

► When we work together you get instant clarity on what needs to happen for you to bring the bliss back.

► I’ve reinvented myself quite a few times to find my sweet spot. I can help you reinvent your life quickly and without unnecessary stress.

► I capture the essence and give shape to the vision of your ideal life. And my proprietary B.L.O.O.M formula helps you cut down on all the heavy lifting and bring this vision to life with the least amount of effort.

► Thanks to the power of manifestation, you get incredible results with mind-blowing ease.





Together we do intense soul-searching to help you rediscover your deepest desires and my methodology gives you the power to bring to life exactly what you really want to achieve. No more being reasonable or compromising!

Those long-forgotten dreams suddently become accessible again and the time it takes to build your vision get dramatically cut down. Everything you need fall into your lap effortlessly and you become incredibly lucky!



✓ This is very practical so don’t worry about incense, there’s no woo here! We manifest but the mood is edgy, not new agey.

My approach is tough love in a soft glove. Even though I push you to be your best, I strive to keep things light and fun.

✓ I know you’re busy so everything is bit-sized to support you in creating the changes you crave without overwhelm.

✓ You’re unique. My high-touch offers are highly tailored to your needs and include done-for-you content and flexible support.

✓ Travels are part of life. Everything happens online, you can take part in these programs from wherever in the world you are this week.






This is a high-end, bespoke solution for high-powered women (and a few daring men!) who are looking for the shortcut to a more balanced, meaningful and purposeful life and understand that the counterpart is a solid investment in energy and financial resources.


You will love this:

woman smiling
► If you’re done with the status quo and you’re no longer inspired by your present life.

► If you’ve lost faith in the cookie-cutter formula to success.

► If you’ve realized that reinventing your life will require more than a new job, a new business or a new degree.


► If you’re no longer feeling gratified by being a well-compensated work-horse and you aspire to more balance.

► If you no longer believe that fun is something to relegate to some time in the future.


► If you’re eager to lead a more exciting and magical life filled with ease, joy, passion and flow.

► If you’re bold and adventurous.

► If you’re ready to quantum leap your dream building efforts.


► If you’re ready to think outside of the box and challenge your excuses in order to step boldy into the best version of you.

► If you’re ready to create a couture-fit life that works on your terms.






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