Bespoke: VIP Day

Big breakthroughs start with a small change in perspective. This VIP Day allows to gain the clarity and external perspective critical to making the big breakthrough you so desperately need..

Newfound clarity, purpose and big breakthroughs in just 1 day!

During this intensive day of 1-on-1 coaching you will receive my undivided attention to troubleshoot your life. I will support you with my years of experience in creating quick and amazing turnarounds (even when the situation seems bleak).

You will leave this day refreshed, re-energized, with newfound clarity, purpose, new tools and a tailored plan to re-align your life towards your bliss.

Turn your life around in the course of just 1 day!

A VIP Day is a powerful ally to get the direction you crave. You will get almost instant clarity and most importantly you will also get a customized breakthrough blueprint to turn things around fast.

  • Get clarity on your next best steps.
  • Brainstorm out-of-the-box solutions to your most pressing challenge.
  • Capture the vision for your perfect breakthrough.
  • Neutralize obstacles before they hinder you.
  • Provide your personal breakthrough blueprint.

Get on the fast track to your perfect breakthrough.

You will leave your VIP Day:

  • Feeling re-energized and inspired.
  • With renewed confidence and motivation.
  • Empowered by a new sense purpose and direction.
  • With concrete action-steps to birth your breakthrough.
  • With a customized toolbox to conquer your challenges.

An intensive day that will leave no stone unturned.

What to to expect


Be prepared to go deep!


Be prepared to think outside of the box.


Be prepared to share in a safe environment.


Although I use unusual tools, things stay edgy not new-agey.


Be prepared for a huge boost!

"I was impressed by how she supported and guided me. She has huge listening abilities, she is tactful, respectful and at the same time methodic and energetic. The rest is yours to make… But what a boost! One month after, I have the feeling my life is on different tracks: those going in the directions of my desires. "

A bespoke day tailored to your specific needs.

Your UPLEVEL Virtual VIP Day is a bespoke offer that generally takes place online so you can join from wherever in the world you are these days. However, it can be also customized to your needs for an in-person encounter at a few select locations as well.

At the core of this Vip day, like every one of my programs, you will find my BLOOM method which allows you to make quick and massive breakthroughs with a fraction of the effort.



This quick 1/2 hour orientation and preparation call allows us to get better acquainted and prepare for our time together.



Your VIP day comprises of several customized modules to take you from lost and confused to purposeful and empowered over the course of 1 day. It’s an intensive that allows you to make quick breakthroughs!


Follow-up Call

This is a 1 hour call to address any question or concern that may arise as a result of your VIP Day and to solidify your wins. This will provide us with the opportunity to troubleshoot any issue you may encounter and ensure that you will remain firmly rooted on the track of success.

A new sense of purpose and direction.

Get ready for a second-breath.

This VIP Day will re-ignite your sense of purpose and passion. It’s designed to tap into those core aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten so you can draw fresh insights and solutions that will not only solve your woes but realign you with a more purposeful life.


This VIP Day is for people who are eager to live their purpose with authenticity and make a truly, positive holistic contribution in the world.

While it is a powerful tool, this VIP day does requires a solid investment on your end: you will be challenged out-of-your-comfort zone, you will be required to try unusual tools and even if my techniques help drastically cut down on your work, you will have to take action.

If you’re not comfortable with this, this VIP day is not for you.

"I haven’t found anywhere else something that works in such a targeted and individualised way to help me to get clear on what’s important to me and how to align myself towards bringing that into my life."
Artist - Banker

This is an offer limited in availability since I can only support a few clients in this in-depth way at a given time. To make sure that this is a good match, a quick application is required. 

Your Investment for this VIP day starts at 1997€.

This VIP Day is a bespoke offer that can be customized to your needs with additional options upon request.

If you're ready for a quick boost...

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