Bespoke: RENEW YOU

What if you could break away from the world for a few days? Enough to catch your breath, regain balance, reconnect with yourself and make sense of what’s happening in your life: figure out where you took a wrong turn, make plans to turn things around and find happiness again…

Renew You: a (virtual) private retreat to relax & strategize!

RENEW YOU is a private virtual retreat that will help you relax while troubleshooting your life!

Imagine feeling rejuvenated, grounded, centered and squarely focused back on the tracks leading to your bliss in just a few days!

Relax, recharge & reinvent yourself!

RENEW YOU is a (virtual) private retreat to help you resource yourself and reinvent your life.

Reconnect with yourself & start over!

RENEW YOU will help you:

Relaxation & insights for a stronger comeback!

What to expect


Your retreat, your way!


Be prepared to think outside of the box.


Address your challenges in a safe environment.


Although I use unusual tools, things stay edgy not new-agey.


Be prepared for a huge boost!

"I was impressed by how she (Dominique) supported and guided me. She has huge listening abilities, she is tactful, respectful and at the same time methodic and energetic. The rest is yours to make… But what a boost! One month after, I have the feeling my life is on different tracks: those going in the directions of my desires."

Your retreat, your way, wherever you are!

A bespoke private retreat.

RENEW YOU is a (virtual) private introspection retreat to enjoy on your terms.
You can join from your favorite hideaway: a hotel room in Bali, your grandma’s house in the country side, a cabin on a mountain or wherever else you find peace (as long as you can connect with the internet).

You will receive personalised retreat activities suggestions to resource yourself and relax. And we will connect virtually throughout the day to troubleshoot your life and strategize about your next chapter. You will benefit from my undivided attention to zero-in on your specific challenges, and from my years of experience in creating quick and amazing turnarounds (even when your situation seems bleak!).

RENEW YOU is a bespoke experience. Therefore, it can also be customized for an in-person encounter (subject to travel restrictions) or to cater to a small group of friends.



A quick 1/2 hour call to get better acquainted with one another and to plan your retreat.


RENEW YOU Virtual Retreat

Over the course of (generally) 2 days, we alternate between periods of introspection, strategizing and guided meditations together, and periods of personalized retreat activities and relaxation on your own.

Basically, we plan your fresh start while you relax!


Follow-up Call

A few days later, a 1 hour call will address any question or troubleshoot any issue which may surface after your retreat.

This call will help solidify your wins and help you remain firmly rooted on the path to success.

Who knew starting over could feel so good!

a fresh start without The stress!

RENEW YOU will help you ground yourself again while giving a new direction to your life.

You will enjoy customized activities to help you reconnect with your soul and we will design an exciting blueprint for the next chapter of your life.

You will also benefit from my time-tested B.L.O.O.M method, that will help you reinvent yourself without added stress!


RENEW YOU aims to serve introverted, soul-centered women in need of balance and meaning in their lives.

While RENEW YOU is designed as a relaxing experience, it will challenge you out of your comfort zone and require you to take action. Moreover, being a private retreat, RENEW YOU is not suitable for women who crave group interactions.

If you are not comfortable with this, RENEW YOU will not be a good match for you.

"I haven’t found anywhere else something that works in such a targeted and individualised way to help me to get clear on what’s important to me and how to align myself towards bringing that into my life."
Artist - Banker

This offer is limited in availability as I can only support a few clients in this in-depth fashion. A quick application is required to make sure this is a good match.

Your Investment for RENEW YOU starts at 2997€.

RENEW YOU is a bespoke offer that can be customized to your needs upon request.

Ready for your retreat?!

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