You’re a powerhouse who prides herself on being able to handle it all.

You’re strong, driven, capable, honest, reliable, hard-working.

You are a go-getter and in a way it has paid off: you’re quite successful.

At least that’s what it looks like to the outside world…

Inside it’s another story….



wealthy and sad
You could be feeling a bit frustrated, lost, seriously worn-out or confused, or even completely stuck and at the end of your rope.

In any case, you’re not happy with the way things are going in your life right now.

And in your heart of heart, you know that if something doesn’t change dramatically now you’re headed for a wall.


You need a massive breakthrough!




You’ve done everything that was supposed to be right and still your life feels completely wrong.

And you don’t have the language, the tools, the strategies to turn things around.

You need a new way to get the results you’re after.

A way that delivers greater and faster results without adding any more stress and clutter to your already stressful and busy life!

Actually you may even need new goals that are more aligned with your true purpose.

At this point, you may even question what that is.

What you need now is a solid strategy… and quite a bit of magic dust to put you on the fast track to the life you want!

You need to stop surviving – no matter how glamourous your brand of surviving is – and start thriving!





life designerWhen we work together you get instant clarity on what needs to happen for you to stop surviving and start thriving.

I’ve reinvented myself quite a few times in order to find my sweet spot. I know how to create a life that fires your soul.

I draw from my previous experience as an interior designer to capture the essence and give shape to the vision of your ideal life. A life where every aspect of your day perfectly connect and blends in a harmonious tapestry.

My proprietary B.L.O.O.M formula helps you cut down on all the heavy lifting and bring this vision to life with the least amount of effort.

Thanks to the power of the manifestation that organizes perfect synchronicities for you, you get incredible results with mind-blowing ease.


Things flow and fall into your lap effortlessly. You become incredibly lucky!


Together we do intense soul-searching to get clear on your deepest desires and with this technique you have the power to bring to life exactly what you really want to achieve. No more being reasonable or compromising! It makes your big, scary dreams easily accessible and it also dramatically cuts down on the time it takes to build your vision.


This is very practical so don’t worry about incense, there’s no woo here! We manifest but the mood is edgy, not new agey.

And even though I push you to be your best, I strive to keep things light and fun.


I know you’re busy so everything is bit-sized. You get a lot of done-for-you content to support you in creating the changes you crave without overwhelm.


Everything happens online, you can join from anywhere in the world.





This is a fully customized high-end solution for women (and a few daring men!) who demand the best from life and understand that the counterpart to this is a solid investment in time, energy and financial resources.


thrilled and fulfilledIf you’re bold and adventurous,

if you’re ready for a bigger more exciting and magical life with more ease, more joy, more passion and more flow,

if you’re ready to give a serious boost to your dream building efforts,

if you’re passionate about living the life you were meant to live,

if you’re ready to think out of the box and challenge your excuses, your pride and your limitations so you can step boldy into the best version of you,

if you’re ready to create a couture-fit life that works on your terms,


then you will love this!



schedule soulful success